Monday, 8 November 2010

Chic Choppy Bobs!

Wolf whistle alert! Keira Knightley's super-chic, swishy bobs are the hottest thing right now. And the best news is, the soft layered texture means this 'do suits everyone. And it makes fine hair look thicker, too. Ask your hairdresser for a graduated chin-length bob with a few blunt choppy layers. It's easy to maintain as well- just tip your head upside down, blast it dry, then use a serum to texturize the ends. Not only is it Keira with this hairstyle but it is also....

  • Scarlett Johansson!
  • Nicole Richie!
  • Danni Minnogue!
  • Paris Hilton!
  • Nicola Roberts!
  • Emma Roberts!
  • Maggie Gyellenhaal!
  • Lilly Allen!
  • Heidi Klum!
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