Saturday, 12 February 2011

Black Swan Beauty

Natalie Portman had a huge hit with this swan look. No, it doesn't take a make-up artist to do this look! Iv'e been practicing on ways to make the 'eyes' easier for you guys to do and I've done it! Here's the simplest and best way to do the eyes.

  • Use a brown pencil in the crease of your eye to get a guideline for the shape of the finished look. It also defines the socket and adds a bit of drama.
  • Use TOPSHOP CREAM EYE SHADOW IN HEAVY METAL, £7, from the lash line to the pencil line, and take it towards the outer corners for a winged shape.
  • Next apply black kohl pencil under the bottom lashes and in the outer corner of the lid, flicked out to define the wing shape and lashes.
  • Use LANCOME OMBRE MAGNETIQUE IN DISCO SILVER, £22.98, from the inner corner, halfway along the lash line. Finish with coral lipstick.
  • Prep hair with SCANDALOUS SHIMMER SERUM, £5.99, then straighten it for a smooth finish. Use a paddle brush to smooth into a high ponytail
  • Get a hair doughnut (look in my blog archive for 'how to do a doughnut bun').
  • Add a clip-in hairpiece (try the ones at by attaching it close the the base of the ponytail. The doughnut will hide the join
  • Twist hair around the doughnut to hide it and create a thick bun. Use your paddle brush, plenty of hairspray and Kirby grips to keep slick and smooth.
You might even be mistaken for Natalie if you wear a tutu too!!!!!


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