Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A Passion For Fashion

I first became interested in fashion at my primary school. On non-uniform days my friends always use to look nicer than me so I decided to up my wardrobe. I have an older sister and she's really interested in fashion too just not high fashion (she'll probably hate me for saying that!). My sister's friend is really interested in fashion too. She has a huge designer wardrobe; Christian Louboutin, Vivienne Westwood and lots more! I've always like drawing but when I hit 11 I brought a 'designer doodle book' which is a book where you have to draw all about fashion and show your creations. Then I brought the Miley Cyrus autobiography and she said that she was obsessed with high fashion for 5 seconds, even though for Miley it was 5 seconds to me I know it will be forever. I've brought/read/been inspired by many things and people and i'm ready for more!

The person that inspires me the most is Christian Louboutin. His first job was in an office. One of his colleges used to wear bright red lipstick, bright red nail varnish and bright red high heels to the office everyday. He loved the gloss, the shine, the colour and so he brought a pair of high heels and decided to paint the sole of the high heel red. However it wasn't with paint, it was with red lipstick (to give the redness) and red nail varnish (to give the gloss). He then showed his boss and now he's the top designer for shoes. I think his story is so inspiring, coming from something so small to so huge and famous (not to mention rich!). This just shows that you can really go far in life if your willing to put in the good hard work.

P.S I hope you like this post. It's not the most exciting, it's all about me but at the least I hope your inspired! (In picture is Christian Louboutin himself!)

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