Thursday, 1 September 2011

My Hair Routine!

 I love this shampoo and conditioner by Alberto Balsam, I love the smell of a juicy green apple (usually when I buy fruit-scented things, they don't smell right? But this does!) and keeps hair fresh for days!

I've actually done a review on this so just scroll down for that. I think this is such an omen considering that I have curly hair and my surname is 'Fox', get it?!!

Its a shame that the picture isn't in focus but its a curling balm, I've used this for about 3 years now and  its the best product I've ever used. I definitely recommend this for natural curly hair.

This is great for my prone-to-fizz hair (by the way, the pink range of Toni&Guy is for curly hair). It really smoothes and defines, I also recommend this product.

I bought this from Superdrug for £1.50 and then looked at the price in Boots and saw that it was nearly £5! So get it from Superdrug! It leaves hair really soft and shiny - downside is, they don't leave very good instructions on it but here they are... Step 1: Shampoo hair first  -   Step 2:  Then smother it on and then leave for 5 mins    -   Step 3:  Rinse off, putting NO extra conditioner on after!

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