Wednesday, 21 November 2012

10 Ways to Look Younger:

We all read about anti-aging products but do they really work? Personally, I think beautiful, young-looking skin comes from looking after your skin over the years. My Nan for example, has always loved good, skincare products, eats super healthy and drinks tons of water, guess what, she has beautiful, young-looking skin. Skincare products aside, another, brilliant way to look younger is within makeup. Firstly, I would highly recommend NOT using anti-aging makeup as it can sometimes look either fake or be too harsh for the skin. It's the way you apply makeup which makes you look younger. So, here's how:

  • Lots of blush - you know that, blushing, cheeky look you had on your face when you were younger? That's what you want to recreate. So, by doing so, pinch your cheeks a little first to get the blood to the surface of the skin (making your natural flush colour come through) and then apply lots of blush where the natural flush is.
  • Thick, fuller eyebrows - There's nothing more natural and young-looking than thick, full eyebrows that haven't been messed about with or plucked too much. Think Kate Middleton, Rosie-Huntington Whiteley and Lily Collins for your browspiration.
  • Do the dew - A dewy glow, or a slight sheen on the face, looks exuberantly healthy. Matte skin looks dull, lifeless, unnatural and old. BB creams give a nice dewy glow but also, think about where you place highlighter. Never apply just to the top of cheekbones, but down the nose, under the eyes, on the brow bone, cupids bow, between your eyebrows and in the tear-duct too.
  • Glossy lips - As well as matte skin, matte lips can emphasis thinness, wrinkles and again, look dull. Don't get me wrong, I think a matte, red lip looks really cute, but glossy lips look healthier. Glossy lips look fuller, too.
  • Lipliner - You probably all know about this one, lining your lips not only makes your lipstick/gloss last longer but makes your lips look fuller too. Particularly if you use just a shade darker. But, did you know that the Queen lines her lips slightly outside to make them fuller? You do now! Try it too, it works (the Queen would know!). It makes your lips look a lot bigger.
  • Contour your cheek and temples - As you get older, your face loses elasticity and shape. Cheekbones aren't so noticeable. So contouring helps bring back the shape and natural shadows in your face. 
  • Line it up - Use pencil, gel or liquid eyeliner to fake the illusion of fuller eyelashes. You probably do this anyway!
  • Drop those bags - Make sure to conceal those dreaded, hated bags underneath your eyes. Use a brightening concealer like Erase Paste by Benefit (which is uhhhhh-mazing!). Bags are a lot more visible as the years go by.
  • Perky pink - Stick to perky pink shades of pink for lipstick and/ or blush, browns and reds (on the lips!) can make you look a lot older.
  • Open wide - To widen and brighten eyes, use a white or nude eyeliner on the waterline.

Also, make sure your skin is super moisturized and hair is in good condition :) that'll knock 20 years off you!


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