Sunday, 21 July 2013

Insta Catch-Up #2:

Took a nice, long walk by Windsor Castle | Watching Elf! | Took my friend's dog, Joey, for a walk...
...and realised we had matching shoes! | Carluccio's do the best hot choccie! | So sad to be leaving work experience at my primary school
My class of year 3's gave me stickers | Endured a hard core shopping trip | #OOTD
My next few posts should be pretty exciting; I'll be doing a little haul of what I've bought recently. Since I am going on holiday soon, I needed to buy some more summer-y clothes and travel sized products, so I'll be doing a haul of that. Also, this Wednesday, my sister and I are heading to Kensington Palace to see the Fashion Rules exhibition; HM The Queen's dresses from the 50's, Princess Margaret's from the 60's and 70's and Princess Diana's from the 80's (click here for a sneak peek inside). I'll take lot's of pictures for you guys! Find me on Instagram: emmafox98.


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