Sunday, 8 December 2013

Cyber Monday Haul...

Don't we all just love a good sale. When Cyber Monday creeped up on my screen I couldn't pass the opportunity of scooping for my most-wanted beauty product of the year. The REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, £30.00It's an exfoliating mask formulated with four types of acid, that promises to leave your skin looking radiant, and dramatically improving your skin tone and texture. It's recommended as a fantastic treatment for congested, mature or acne-scarred skin (which I have), but is suitable for all skin types (except very sensitive) and promises to leave your skin glowing.

I really have been craving this product for a long while now, and whenever I hear Fleur or Kate rave about it, my tummy (or skin rather) rumbles for it even more. Personally, I think £30.00 is a tad on the expensive side for a skincare product, so I waited for CM to arrive; luckily ASOS had it for just £24.50 which I think is a great sale price. 

The packaging is clean and clinical as usual. The product itself is golden honey-like in both it's colour and texture. It spreads over the skin smoothly, and feels almost like an oil cleanser.

The instructions tell you to leave it for 10 minutes, and say that it might sting a little. Neither of me or my sister experienced a stinging or tingling, but the scent of the mask is absolutely heavenly. To me it smells like fresh orange blossom. The ingredient list boasts passionfruit, grape, pineapple and lemon extracts and I have a feeling that may have something to do with the scent. Either way - it's absolutely divine.

After 10 minutes, you remove the mask using the cloth supplied with the product. The mask left my skin feeling super smooth and simply glowing. I can honestly say I think this is the best face mask I've ever used. Not many face masks give such noticeable instant results, so I was highly impressed with this

What did you buy on Black Friday/Cyber Monday this year?



  1. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  2. I love this mask so much! I have so many little samples of it and it lasts forever! What other REN products do you use? x

    1. Yeh I'm loving it so far! I love the Mayblossom collection and the blemish kit is also really lovely!

      Emma x


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