Monday, 16 December 2013

Updated Hair Routine:

It's only been a few days that my hair routine has changed but already I'm sensing healthier locks. My hair is mid-length, dry and frizzy but thanks to these wonder products it's been quite the opposite. Lately I've been reaching for smoothing and conditioning products due to the damp and cold weather; so the L'Oreal EverRiche Nourishing Conditioner has been my go-to. It uses no sulphates so works on really making your hair healthy (as to just 'feeling' healthy). But first, to shampoo I love using John Freida's Full Repair Full Body shampoo. I've realised lately that I've got bad split ends (how dare they suddenly creep up on me like that) but this is great at plastering them back together again.

Here we are again with Lee Stafford's Argon Oil. It's no secret to you all that this is just one of my most trusty products. I've been using it for about a few years now and seriously feel it's under-hyped. Beauty bloggers rave about MoroccanOil and Ojon's argan oil but for me, this beats them hands down. I'm not a big Lee Stafford fan at all but the argan oil range is simply great.

Often my hair looks really flat and a bit lifeless. It boasts neither volume or 'bounce'; perhaps this is because of all the 'nourishing' products I use (and the fact I have no layers can sometimes drag the hair down too). To create Brigitte Bardot-esque hair (minus the backcombing) I use Tigi Small Talk. It's a great thickening product that ticks just about every point on the checklist. This is also one of my trusty companions. This works great when I crave a big booty bouffant (to put it ladylike). To create a voluminous 'blow-dry' I use the Kent Radial Boar Bristle Brush which kisses goodbye flyaways and any kinks.

What's your hair routine?


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