Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Tuesday Ten: Spring Has Sprung...

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I for one am loving the warmer weather here in London. After the coldest (and wettest) winter in 250 years I think it's about time Mother Nature granted us with some sunshine. Moreover, March is officially the first month of spring (plus, my birth month!). I always (and don't we all) associate March, or particularly spring in general, with cleaning and fresh starts. Personally I always shrink my wardrobe down a few sizes by decluttering it of winter warmers; and bring in new, spring-esque clothes. However, this year I also plan to de-clutter a few other spots such as my beauty drawer, my shoe closet and my skincare shelf. Here are a few tips on spring-ifying your space...

  1. Bring the outside in - My sister recently suggested bringing in some 'fresh blooms' in to our conservatory and they look lovely. Don't ask me what type they are (pictured in the Instagram above) but the colours are just beautiful and I find myself getting really excited for spring and summer from just looking at them. Bring flowers and other fresh finds in from your garden, be it a bunch of daffodils or a few hand-picked tomatoes. 
  2. Goodbye, Winter - Place heavy knitwear, coats, scarves, hats, globes, earmuffs and all other winter warmers at the back of a cupboard or your wardrobe. There's no need for them anymore and it will make space for new items to come! 
  3. Hello, Spring - What about new items to come? Go out and splurge the cash on all things pretty, slinky and summery; think shorts, floral dresses, sunglasses, skirts etc. 
  4. All things pretty - Welcome coral and light pinks into your makeup routine. A pretty flush of flirty peach or a swipe of orange lipstick will be the perfect companion to dewy skin and fluttery lashes. 
  5. Lighten up - Spring and summer is the time to ditch the vampy lip and foundation, and say hello to just a swipe of BB cream and lip balm. The beauty world is overloaded with BB creams, CC creams, tinted moisturisers and more - they're perfect for that non-sweaty-but-dewy, light-as-air finish we all crave during the spring time.
  6. No more dry skin - During autumn and winter I always make sure to use hydrating products such as mild cleansers, serums, oils and masks to prevent any dry, flaky skin from occurring. However, during the summer this no longer needed (unless of course, you suffer from very dry skin all year long) as our skin tends to get a little oilier. I then switch to lighter moisturisers, toners, refreshing sprays, thorough cleansers and blemish-preventing products. 
  7. Surf time - Of course, we all crave that beachy, I-woke-up-like-this bedhead look but that's not always easy to achieve for some. Use a salt or texturising spray to add that beachy kick to wavy tresses. I love the Bumble & Bumble Surf spray and the Oribe Apres Beach spray too.
  8. Light covers - No, the electric blanket in your bed is no longer needed for when the nights begin to get mild and sticky. Also, ditch the heavy duvets and opt for light, airy sheets. I always love changing my sheets to something fresh and spring-like such as clean, plain white or lilac floral print (which is what I have now). 
  9. Explore adventure - Get outside and do something! Enjoy the lovely weather! Whether it's planing a fun Easter picnic with your girlfriends or completing a new exercise regime.
  10. Start something new - Join a charity shop, a gym, or club; or even start a new hobby such as gardening, reading or sewing. 

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