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For our last little chat on acne, we're talking about solutions to your problems. We've looked at why you're getting acne, why it's getting worse, now how to banish it forever. I've learned so many tips and tricks over the years that I could ramble on, but I'll (try) and keep it short and sweet and to the point. Obviously, it must be said that I can't promise these tips will work for everyone as each person's skin is different, but I hope I can help at least a few of you...

How can I banish my acne?
  1. Cod Liver Oil - I've been taking spot tablets (oxytetracycline) for months now, and at first I thought they may be working, but in fact my acne was still getting worse. Instead, I read somewhere that Cod Liver Oil is fantastic for skin as they are rich in omega-3, vitamin A and D. The jelly-like capsules claim to return your skin to 'normal' - which is a slight understatement as my skin looks and feels fantastic now and I put it down to these bad boys. I get mine from Holland Barratt. But, of course, don't forget to read the guidelines on the back of the container, especially if you're taking other medication.
  2. Consult to steps one and two.
  3. Face mapping - This is a wonderful solution to determine why acne pops up in certain areas of the face. Hopefully, you'll be able to understand what's going on inside of your body and realise what you can do to help it. For example, I always get spots crop up around my forehead, and this tends to be when I'm dehydrated. Time to become a waterholic - sounds fun, right? Read here for more info.
  4. Grab the concealer - At the end of the day, whatever you do, your acne won't disappear overnight. It takes time and a whole 'lotta patience. For the meantime, learn how to cover up spots properly and efficiently. Here's a great video with lots of helpful tips. 
  5. Simples - I touched upon this in step two; sticking to a simple, natural routine is probably the best thing you can do right now. Sometimes, or even most mornings to be honest, I just splash my face thoroughly with warm water, gently dab, and use a light moisturiser. Then in the evenings, I use a cleanser, toner/ serum, moisturiser/ night cream. A simple routine however doesn't mean you can't treat yourself to something luxurious every once in a while - oils, serums, night creams, masks or even facials are a great way to keep skin looking peachy and perky.
  6. Sunscreen - This is a step I really need to take more notice of. Use sunscreen everyday. Yes, even when it's overcast, as the sun's rays and the atmosphere can still cause skin damage and dark spots. Plus, sunscreen has many skin benefits - it moisturises, hydrates, protects, provides minerals and vitamins, plumps skin and makes it luminous. Additionally, if you suffer from acne scarring/ hyperpigmentation like I do, sunscreen is a great way to help lighten them (I can't bamboozle you with any technical terms to convince you here, but I've read it in several places so have a little search! Plus, it works for me!).
  7. Hey ho - You must understand that everyone gets or has had acne at least once in their life, even if it's just a few blemishes. It's a part of life, it happens. So conquer on; I know, it's easier said than done, but following these steps are a sure way of helping things along. 
Thank you all so much for reading! This post was supposed to air yesterday as my usual schedule is every Tuesday and Friday but as you can see - there's a whole new layout! New post coming up explaining it all! Have a great weekend!

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