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Exploring London: Soho

So I thought it was about time I gave you another neighbourhood guide for London. Soho is perhaps one of my favourite parts to go and explore in London simply because there just seems to be so many restaurants and activities to do there (London Fashion Week being the newest addition to the list). So, let's take a look at my Soho guide...

Enjoy this interactive map!

The Breakfast Club
If you're in need of an indulgent but not a necessarily glamorous breakfast then look no further, TBC has got you sorted. There are few more affable temples to nostalgia than this cluttered café; its brick walls are covered with ’80s memorabilia. Breakfasts take centre stage: from a full English and a US variation featuring maple syrup pancakes, to a Latin American breakfast burrito. I recommend going half-an-hour earlier than you plan to eat as this place can get pretty busy (think nearly thirty people queuing outside the door).

Pizza Pilgrims
This is the place to come for a quick, but mouth-wateringly delicious bite to eat. The menu boasts ten pizzas; all chewy and soft in the Neapolitan style with thick bases and layered with on-trend toppings.

The Rum Kitchen
This Caribbean-inspired beach shack and basement bar in Kingly Court serves up possibly the best food and cocktails in Soho. Unfortunately, I'm yet to try this place, but I'm sure it won't be long until get the chance to indulge myself in one of their classic jerk chicken wings or selection of rum cocktails. This place is a surefire way to brighten up a dreary February in Soho.

Carnaby Burger Co.
I've been to this little gem of a place a few times now and I can honestly say they do some of the best burgers in London (phwoar, what a statement). I highly recommend the Smokehouse BBQ burger (filled with cheese, bacon and barbecue sauce) or the Chicken Italian burger (stuffed to the brim with mozzarella, tomatoes, onions and garlic pesto). Wow, now I'm hungry.


Nordic Bakery
This peaceful retreat will help you to escape the hustle and bustle of Soho's streets and serve you up some of the best coffee and cake in town. Get there early if you want to get your hands on one of the famous cinnamon buns, though the squishy, sugary butter buns are pretty addictive too.

This artisan bakery is seriously one of my favourites in London (but as you've guessed, I pretty much say that with everything don't I!). The Scandinavian décor creates the perfect atmosphere for working on your laptop or catching up with a few friends, while their delicious sweet treats will have you coming back for more. And then some more.

Flat white
Coffee is center stage here at this much-loved joint. Made from espresso beans from Uganda, you can have pretty much any coffee variation you desire, from their signature flat white (of course) to the piccolo.

Soho Grind
There's nothing ordinary about this place; Soho Grind is an espresso bar in the heart of Soho with a rather quirky and cool basement cocktail bar hidden beneath. Don't just come here for cake though, as their renowned lunch menu is quite the star of the show. They serve up everything from chicken and avocado sandwiches to artichoke salads.


Bob Bob Ricard
You've undoubtedly seen this one pop on your instagram feed at some point, or at least their 'press for champagne' button. Perhaps more of a restaurant than a bar, Bob Bob Ricard has possibly the best cocktail menu nonetheless. You'll be instantly transported to the 1920's with not only the art-deco interior, but with the extravagance and opulence of the entire place.

Milk & Honey
As one of Soho's best-loved bars, Milk & Honey has three stories dedicated to mixology, all offering up different interiors to suit your mood or occasion.

Experimental Cocktail Club
Also spread across three floors, this joint is filled with trendy groups and dating couples that fill the room with chatter. Their drinks are consistently outstanding - another reason why I can't wait to try this opulent and cosy bar.


Liberty's of London
You've most likely seen this on instagram too - especially their flower shop! Liberty's is the most beautiful department store - everything has had so much thought into choosing the products to sell, arranging them in aesthetically pleasing ways and selling just about anything; from stationary to Victoria Beckham clothing.

We Built This City
Situated in the goldmine that Carnaby Street is, this new creative store is revolutionsing all London souvenir shops. In here you'll find quirky artworks, tumblr-esque stationary...and maybe a few pigeons. You'll have to step inside to know what I'm on about.

The place for all things storage. Every beauty blogger alike has the clear, stackable drawers for their makeup, why not pop in store and join the gang?

Don't even get me started on this one - I could go on for hours about how much I adore this store. If you're in need of some cosy-yet-luxurious clothing, instagram-worthy home décor or interesting reads, then this is your place. Located just outside of Soho on Regent Street, this store even has an entire wall covered in greenery. Camera's at the ready ladies.

Get the Soho look:
Soho is littered with trendy, indie and super sophiscated fashion-lovers so expect to see an abundance of denim button-down skirts, oversized jackets and chic backpacks. Below, is your Soho style guide (yep, you can thank me later).

Have you visited Soho before? If you have any recommendations of anything, be sure to share them in the comments below or join the conversation over on Twitter!

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