Sunday, 24 July 2016

Bloggers I'm Loving Lately...

Photos courtesy of EJ Style
This is a recent blog discovery and I blame Emma's very enviable Instagram for making me stumble upon it. Emma Hill is the blogger behind the very successful blog EJ Style, which is on all things fashion. Initially founded as an "outlet to express [her] passion and love of fashion", it is now a full time business and an influential blog worldwide. It also happens to be one of my all time favourite blogs, albeit I have only been reading it for several weeks. Hill's style is incredibly chic, minimalistic and cool. Perhaps her blog is my favourite since we both share a penchant for denim, but her love of the high-street makes her looks approachable, down to earth and accessible too.

Photos courtesy of  We The People Style
Also a recent discovery via Instagram, Jessie Bush, alongside a fantastic team, have created We The People Style. This is an "online fashion and lifestyle destination" which exhibits personal style, global street style, travel and more. The New Zealand blogger's photographs are incredibly fresh and contemporary, which also mirrors her personal style. This is also alongside the sleek, modern design with the monochromatic colour scheme and chic, minimalist approach.

Photos courtesy of Fashion Me Now
I can definitely blame my sister for introducing me to Lucy Williams, the blogger behind Fashion Me Now. Her blog, now a full-time business, was initially begun as a personal mood-board post-university. Yet, while still a personal mood-board in essence, it has evolved to include beauty posts, travel diaries and shopping features. Williams' style is truly perfect and my ultimate goal!

Photos courtesy of Fashion Me Now
Behold the queen of photography! Kate's beauty blog is one of the few beauty blogs I actually like (I prefer to read fashion ones). It is her exquisite and whimsical photography that keeps me hooked, engaged and clicking on every blog post, alongside her subtly quirky and chic interior design of her home. Her beauty tips are more than close to perfection and I've always highly valued her skincare recommendations as a fellow acne-sufferer. If you haven't already subscribed to her Youtube channel. she's also a whizz at making videos too!

Which blogger are you currently loving?

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