Sunday, 15 January 2017

Dinner at Padella, London Bridge

Who doesn't love a good Italian?

If you genuinely don't, I have just the restaurant that will most certainly change your mind.

Welcome to Padella - a new Italian fella on the block in Borough Market, Southwark.

There's no reservations, just swing by. But make sure you choose your time wisely or be prepared to wait in a long queue since this place is pretty popular with locals, couples, tourists and city workers (yep...pretty much everyone!). Jess and I arrived promptly at 5pm when the opened for dinner and I can proudly say we were first in line.

Since this place is not a linger-longer spot, rather a quick bite, the queue moves pretty swiftly. Either way, it's worth the wait!

A short and sweet menu will be placed in front of you while a buzzing atmosphere kicks off. The chefs with their kitchen on show will certainly entertain you.

All of the pasta dishes sounded marvellous, but always a girl for exquisite simplicity, I chose the Tagliarini with Slow Cooked Tomato Sauce. And the Ravioli of Ricotta with Sage Butter for Jess.

We also ordered a round of the beautifully warm and crisp sourdough bread (because clearly we were not indulging in enough carbs already).

It was all very rich and comforting. The perfect winter warmer. I think it's safe to say Jess enjoyed it...

Grab a friend and sit at the bar. Or, sit by the window where you can people-watch and see the mighty view of The Shard.

London's restaurant scene sure is booming, I can't wait to tick a few more places off my list in the next few weeks ( New Year diet for me, whoops!).

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