Friday, 27 January 2017

The Faux Fur Coat, Shoreditch

It must seem that I begin every blog post with an anecdote about the weather, but it's seriously bitter here in London this winter. I know, it's nothing compared to the blustery snowstorms of Iceland or the arctic winds of Norway, but I quite literally turn into an icecube in any temperature below 10 degrees.

So naturally my fluffy Mango coat has been my best friend.

And it was the perfect winter warmer for a blogger coffee date of shooting with the wonderful Jazmine from Jazzabelle's Diary, whom I met in Shoreditch earlier this week.

I teamed my faux fur coat (which is also featured here), with a pair of straight-leg jeans and my classic Gucci-esque Office loafers. I love these jeans - the fit is perfect, particularly if you're more on the petite side like me. With a straight-leg, you get the flattering skinny shape of a classic skin-tight option, and the cool loose fit of a typical mum jean.

I've been seeing fishnet tights peeking underneath jeans everywhere lately - my Pinterest feed, Instagram, on my way to university. Without sounding pretentious, I loathe trends. Attempting to fit in and look like everyone else just isn't my style. I like to stick to a look that suits me and that I feel comfortable in (although let's face it, everyone had a pair of Uggs). Yet, I for one am loving this fishnet look - it's cool, edgy and hey, it's an extra layer so why not! My wardrobe is pretty classic and sophisticated so the fishnets juxtapose lovely, adding a little 90s punk to an elegant outfit.

I met Jazmine to talk all things blogging and it was great to meet a like-minded blogger who shares the same values as me (read: is patient when I take 20 minutes to take a coffee flat-lay). I've always loved Jazzabelle's Diary and Jazmine was truly inspirational. We both spoke about how blogging is much more of a hobby than a full-time career for each of us, since both of us juggle other priorities such as university/ full-time jobs/ other interests and so on.

It was also great to actually shoot with another blogger since I tend to grab my sister or friends to snap away (you girls are fab too!). Jazmine knew exactly what poses worked for her and the angles she wanted, and her outfit was so beautiful (exhibit A).

And it's about time I spoke about Shoreditch! I'm your typical West London girl loving all things pretty and polished, but from time to time I like to head East. Shoreditch is rich in culture with artwork, music and independent restaurants, shops and cafés pouring out of every graffiti-covered corner. It's an incredibly young and vibrant part of London.

It most certainly lives up to its cliché - expect to see a lot of cropped-jean, beanie-sporting, bearded men. And coffee shops with the whole exposed light-bulb scene going on. But hey, it makes Shoreditch what it is and I for one love it.

If you're not yet convinced, take a look at that bloody beautiful wall!

Jacket - Mango (similar)
Polar neck - New Look (similar)
Jeans - Topshop
Fishnet tights - Marks & Spencer
Shoes - Office
Bag - Zara (similar)

Thank you to Jazmine for taking these lovely photos!

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