Thursday, 9 February 2017

A Notting Hill Brunch

Brunch anywhere is a good idea, but in Notting Hill, it's always extra special.

There are plenty of options for a good brunch in this West London neighborhood, such as Egg Break, Farmacy, Bodyism or Granger & Co.

But Farm Girl is forever a go-to choice with it's Liquid Gold Tea, Pumpkin Porridge and Coconut BLT sandwich.

I met up with Lara (a queen of instagram) last week on one of the coldest days in London I've ever experienced. But Farm Girl Café was fully equipped with blankets and outdoor heaters.

The menu is fantastic at this much-loved spot but there are definitely other cafés/ restaurants that serve a bit more bang for your buck. I know, I've raved about this place so much before, and so does everyone on your instagram feed, but I've come to realise it's much more of a style-over-substance place.

Sure, the food is great, healthy and nutritious, I'm just not sure it's entirely worth the splurge. It's quite expensive and more often than not there's a large queue outside the door.

That said, if you haven't been and are in the neighborhood then by no means should you give this one a miss! The food is delicious don't get me wrong, and the bright, colourful and welcoming interior is the perfect backdrop to a breakfast, brunch or bite to eat with friends.

And hey, it just so happens to be in my favourite West London neighbourhood!

I tried a dish I've been wanting to for ages and it most certainly lived up to its expectations. The Turkish Baked Eggs, served mighty hot and with bread for dipping and swirling, was quite the winter warmer in the below freezing temperatures. 

My drink, however, is probably one of the only things I wouldn't recommend on the menu. I thought I would try the Latte Black (double shot blended with activated charcoal & date syrup) for its unique colour and interesting ingredients. Though I must say I was less than satisfied with the bland, pecuiliar taste.

Lara's matcha latte on the other hand was apparently beautiful and she ordered up the infamous Berry Pancakes too.

I do love Farm Girl, despite my slightly skeptical opinion within this post. Next time, I intend to most certainly devour every bite of the Pumpkin Porridge or the Crab Cakes.

Have you ever been to Farm Girl Café? What did you think?

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