Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The Cashmere

It's hardly revolutionary or rebellious to talk about a cashmere jumper. It's a classic item that can be found in our grandmother's wardrobes, and is still worn by our favourite Parisian icons today, updated with Levis denim and Chanel ballet pumps.

As a lover of all things classic, high-quality and anything warm and fluffy, I've been on the hunt for a delicate swathe of cashmere to envelop myself in for some time. It's a fabric you must invest in and so a process of elimination around the shops is necessary. And after quite some time, I'm content to reveal Marks and Spencer simply do the best. I know, welcome to my forty-year-old inner-self.


My Nan has been wearing their jumpers and cardigans for years and even ones she bought several years ago still look as good as new. The cashmere doesn't seem to bobble, shed hair or lose shape, and what's more, it's sold at a reasonable price of around £70-£80. Marks and Spencer cashmere will last a lifetime, it seems.

I picked mine up in the most classic shape and colour. A beige v-neck will go with pretty much everything from white jeans and a navy peacoat, to an oversized black blazer with ripped black jeans. The possibilities are endless, making the cost-per-wear incredibly appealing.

With fast-fashion being so prominent in our quotidien lives, I'm now more than ever interested in its counterpart: slow fashion. That means a return to investing in key wardrobe pieces of high quality that will last a lifetime, instead of a mere season. It's much more sustainable, eco-friendly and easy on the pennies over a period of time.

Adding to the simplicity of this classic v-neck, it was teamed with navy cigarette trousers, a simple black leather bag (my new favourite thing in my closet) and Gucci-style loafers. Androgynous, Parisian and utterly classic.

Jumper - Marks and Spencer
Trousers - Zara (alternatives below)
Bag - Cath Kidston
Shoes - Office



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