Friday, 27 October 2017

Today Marks Seven

Yes - today marks seven years of blogging. And, yes, I really did begin this blog at the age of 12! When a colleague of mine raised this to my attention just recently, that at such a young age I knew already that I loved style and travel and loved to share it, I realised something. I genuinely have always adored fashion, and I have only my Nan to blame for endlessly buying me pink silk dresses when I was incredibly young to blame. It just so happened that at the age of 12, the idea of being a journalist or 'blogger' - a term just becoming known as a career or full-time hobby rather than a questionable online diary - ignited within me.

I wasn't too sure where to go with this post until yesterday morning, my friend and I found ourselves giggling at the archives of ATF. I have written some seriously questionable blog posts over the years, shuffling my content from Cheryl Cole's lipsticks to travel tips, London recommendations, personal style and general fashion.

So follow me for a little rummage in the archives at some of my most cringe-worthy posts, and prepare to laugh hard. Like really, maybe grab some tissues in case you cry.
My first ever post was one that was truly groundbreaking. Where is the photo? Where is the grammar? And just what is the line "I saw nude lips grace many lips" - kinda creepy.

A great post idea for a girl who didn't have Instagram at the time. But hey, the skittles obsession continues five years on...

HA. HA. Where are my eyebrows?

I still remember this day! It was my first time to Notting Hill, which is still one of my favourite areas in London, and I remember falling in love with it. Funnily enough, three years on and I still wear that outfit, oops.

Good to see my sarcasm was in good form at a young age, in-keeping with my British roots. I remember this dress and still have it tucked away in my wardrobe. It's the most beautiful colour and is by far the thing I've felt most amazing in. It was perfect.

What's On My Face
Oh God - who remembers this series? In my first one, I look so innocent and so incredibly young. Less than a month later in my sixth WOMF, however, I look a year older somehow.

And then there's this. The one with the Lady GaGa hair bow tutorial. Watch it and see yourself become induced by a fit of giggles. Safe to say this will haunt me forever!

But, jokes aside, thank you all so much for reading my blog. I'm really not quite sure as to how or why I've managed to upkeep it for seven years but I have and it's been more than enjoyable. There's been a few moments along the way where I have considered giving it up, but it's the best hobby ever and I've learnt so much about writing, design, social media, analytics, and mostly myself.

I've got some really exciting content coming up within the next few weeks as I'm back at univerisity for year two and feeling more inspired than ever. So thanks to all you luverly people out there for the past seven years and here's to the next seven!

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