Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Red Jumper

The best jumpers are like rich mince pies, a warm bed on a Sunday morning and taking your bra off after a long day: pure comfort. When I spotted this knitted red jumper hiding in the corner of my local Zara, with its oversized shape and pretty bow at the back, it seemed only courtesy to take it in my arms and give it a home.

And when better to adorn yourself in red than the festive season? You can surely count on us bloggers to get you into the Christmas spirit with our vlogmases, advent calendar openings on Instagram stories and lengthy gift guides.


Most people consider red an intimidating colour to wear. Up until now, I hated it too. It reminded me of sports days at school or church choir uniforms. And yet, I'm not quite sure what persuaded me into thinking I should at least give it a try, but with the amount of compliments I receive about how flattering the shade is on me (she says in the most modest, humble and genuine way, I promise!), has completely made me devoted to it. In fact, this jumper has made such a positive effect that I even know three people who have gone out and purchased it. Voila.

If you find yourself not too keen on the rosy romantic shade, I have some styling tips that just may persuade you. Like any good red lipstick, you need to find the shade for you. Pay attention to your hair, eye and skin colour and whether it will compliment the rest of your wardrobe. I know, that dress you've seen whispering your name behind the window may not come in the exact shade you suit but be patient and delve a little deeper. Once you've found the garment and tone of red that suits you, be sure to team it with light makeup, natural hair and with an air of confidence as it is a bold, statement colour that will grab you all the attention.

Red may be associated with passion, power and Christmas, but should the weather stay chilly here in London, you'll find me in this cosy Zara jumper for as long as the threads stay knitted.

Powerful, punchy and impactful, I'm looking forward to incorporating more red into my wardrobe.

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