Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The White Shirt

Classic wardrobe pieces are classic for a reason. They work in any outfit and for every season. And a white shirt is exactly the kind of piece I'm living in right now. Though, I do admit, these photos were taken a little while ago as these days you'd struggle to find me amidst a bundle of layers and one too many scarves.


There are many wears in which to style the white shirt whilst staying warm and stylish. And that my friend, is all in the layers. Call me a granny, but nothing quite keeps you warm like a good ol' thermal vest. And under a white shirt - who's to know? Throw on a chic jumper (exhibit A courtesy of Jane Birkin), a navy peacoat and complete the look with either a chunky scarf or a silky foulard (see how my favourite blogger styles hers here) for a warm, casual and elegant look.

So where best to find the perfect white shirt? In my eyes, I think you can find a good one pretty much anywhere. Zara always wins at tailored pieces but Gap tends to be my go-to for its super traditional cuts and on-point sizing. Try on a few - they come in all different varieties from fitted and 'office appropriate' to oversized and androgynous. I favour the latter as the looser the fit, the best it looks tucked into jeans (and hey, did you ever Birkin in a tight white shirt?) But if thin and summery or silky and sexy take your fancy then by all means take a gander.

There are endless ways to style a white shirt and it's probably best to look through some Audrey Hepburn archives who reportedly knew 14 different ways to wear the piece. I always believe a white shirt looks best with a few buttons open at the front, rolled-up sleeves and tucked into jeans. But the styling all depends on the outfit, the occasion and of course, the weather.

See, us Brits never fail to bring the weather into conversation. The myth is true.

Shirt - Gap
Coat - Zara
Jeans - Brandy Melville
Shoes - Converse
Watch - Daniel Wellington


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