Saturday, 27 August 2011

Review: Tigi Foxy Curls Hi-Def Curls Spray

I bought this product yesterday actually and I think Its amazing, whether you have natural curls like me or not! I'm always up for products that you can put on wet or dry hair because I wash my hair at night which means I use it wet (then sleep on it...) and then retouch up my curls with it in the morning. It gives a wet, scrunched look so its the type of product that maybe you need to keep in your bag at all times to keep that 'wet' appeared look?!! And the best thing I haven't even said yet... It smells like Skittles - so its a perfume too! There's something about Bed Head (Tigi) products that go really well with my hair - it does EXACTLY what it says (on all products) so there definitely worth splashing the cash! There products are quite expensive though, the above was £10.50 but all you need is at the most 5 sprays a day which also means it lasts forever. I'll always recommend their products and especially this one!

Rating: * * * * * (out of 5)


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