Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Smoke & Mirrors

Topshop gave my sister's receipt in a miniature booklet telling us all about their Autumn/Winter makeup collection called 'Smoke & Mirrors. Its inspired by the high glamour of the early 70's when slinky cocktail dresses were accompanied by perfectly polished beauty and 70's disco grunge. Visit Topshop for an actual make-up video on how to create the two looks I attempted myself...

  • Look One: Grunge Glamour
  1. Dust a powder that is one shade lighter than your foundation (or natural skintone).
  2. Smudge on a dark grey eyeshadow onto eyelid up to socket, then use a shade lighter underneath the brows.
  3. Pencil in thick amounts, a black eyeliner and gently flick but not to long or thick.
  4. Add false eyelashes.
  5. Groom eyebrows with a touch of balm and then ontop and underneath brows using a highlighter.
  6. Line the lips with a shade darker than natural lip colour.
  7. Apply a musky brown blusher and your ready to go!!

^^ My lips look a bit weird, but your's won't!

  • Look Two: Perfectly Polished
  1. Using a pale beige/pink eyeshadow, apply onto eyelid and up to brows.
  2. Bring the brown matte shadow (preferably one that's creamy but I used a dust) to socket.
  3. Also apply the brown matte shadow underneath the bottom lashes.
  4. Apply tons of mascara!!!
  5. Blend a highlighter to nose, cheekbones, upper lip and browbone.
  6. Sweep a bronzer underneath cheekbones to define.
  7. Then add a cherry blush onto apples of cheeks.
  8. Give your lips a nude, sleek sheen with a dab of pink lipgloss!
  9. Whala! Your looking perfectly polished!


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