Monday, 8 August 2011

So today In History...

In order to be even 'something' in fashion you need to know the top designers, and a little about their background. I've missed out a couple of major designers, like Christian Dior for example, but for a reason - why don't give a bit of fashion research a go? Anyway here's a few of my all-time-favourite designers...

Jeanne LANVIN - 1920's - Lanvin began her career in millinery, then shifted her business to childrenswear. She received such a positive response that she then focused on womenswaer. The House of Lanvin is still open under the supervision of Albert Elbaz, as Jeanne is no longer alive.

Gabrielle CHANEL - 1920's - Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel shifted the prevailing aestetic of the 1920's from ornate clothing to sleek and modern. The House of Chanel closed at WW2. But in 1954 she staged a comeback, reformulating her easy A-line silhouette.

Hubert De GIVENCHY - 1950's - Givenchy's association with Audrey Hepburn often overshadow's the talent and importance of this French designer. Givenchy was known for his clean, simple clothing that often featured whimsical trim or details.

YVES SAINT LAURENT - 1950's - few designers have been able to define the quixotic nature of the latter half of the twentieth century as well as Saint Laurent. Throughout his career he was able to characterize the changing attitudes of women.

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