Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Lauren Conrad's 10 Fashion Staples for Autumn!

    1. Sheer Oxford.
    2. Stripped Crewneck.
    3. Fun Jewellery
    4. Pleated Pieces.
    5. Booties.
    6. Bright Accessories.
    7. Dressy Shorts.
    8. High-Waisted Jeans.
    9. Boudoir Slippers. 
    10. Leather (or faux leather) anything! 

    So there you have it guys, been planning to this kind of post for ages but I found it on! This week (so far!) has been pretty good blog-wise! Now got 11 followers and 19,967 all time viewers! Which, to me is amazing to know that people actually take there time to read my blog or even just look at the pictures. But anyway, going a bit off-track here, have fun with Lauren's fashion staples for Autumn and maybe even splash the cash on of them?!! Bye guys!

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