Friday, 16 September 2011

Just A Quick Note!

Don't you just hate getting wet in the rain?! I did, left school early to go to the orthodontist (it was sunny and blue skies then) and suddenly...yes, you get it. So I hid under a tree for a few mins then quickly hurried home. Then my Mum thought my brace appointment was at 2:30 when it was 2:00 so then we were late and well I think you can guess how my day went - oh and not to mention that I'm naturally a frizzy and so after torrential rain and wind, my hair weren't a pretty sight! So in future I'll take my phone, coat and umbrella! But I think a hooded coat is maybe more important (no need for an umbrella then!) than the rest so I decided to look at some of the best coats around and here they are...

LEVI ' S, £110

ASOS, £85




All of these are pretty pricey but If you pick the right one - it'll last forever!


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