Sunday, 23 September 2012

Welcoming the Season

Hey everyone! I thought I would do just a bit of a catch-up. It's Autumn, finally, hoorah! Autumn is my favourite month, all of the leaves change colour (look at the picture I took above of the leaves, isn't it pretty?!), I've got my fire turned on right now, I've been drinking homemade salted caramel hot chocolate's, and I'm 100% embracing all things knitted. A few months ago I was on a walk along the river in Windsor and found a blackberry bush, I decided to go back there a couple of weeks ago to pick the last batch (see the picture) but there were only a few ripe ones left as it's now Fall!

So, this Autumn, I've decided to make a few changes to my blog. Not anything drastic just the content. Instead of literally just fashion and beauty, I'll include more of me in this blog. My everyday life, pictures, things I've been doing lately, recipes (talking of recipes, today I made cherry flapjacks and key lime pie!), and other bits and bobs. But, of course, the majority of it will still and always be fashion and beauty...that's what I love :) Hope you guys like the sound of the changes. Let me know any post ideas! Bye guys!



  1. I love autumn so much :)
    awesome post!

    1. Awesome blog! Same, I love Autumn sooooo much, ha!

      Thanks for leaving the comment!



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