Sunday, 11 November 2012

10 Things to Put On Your Christmas List: Part 1: The Girly Girl

Hey everyone! Christmas is very, very soon so I thought it was about time I wrote another Christmas post. This '10 Things to Put On Your Christmas List' post will be split into 4 parts; The Girly/Trendy Girl; The Working Girl; The Creative Girl; The Edgy Girl. Pick a category you think you'll fit into and make sure you come back later (maybe in a  few weeks) to see ideas to put on your Christmas list. This can also work for buying gifts for your friends and family! So, this first post is for the 'girly girl'. A girl who is feminine and trendy who enjoys fashion and beauty. People call her 'the girl next door'. She takes pride in her home and enjoys salted caramel latte's in Starbucks. The general sort of feminine lady. The price range varies from cheap to expensive, so it covers every budget! Here are 10 gifts to put on your (or to give for your girly friend or family member) Christmas list...
Glitter heels - Topshop, lipstick - Topshop (in Secret Admirer), Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray (for hair), Cushion - Jack Wills, mug - also Jack Wills, Daisy Eau So Fresh gift set - Marc Jacobs (boots, Superdrug etc.), Benefit Goodtime Gals gift set, earrings - Chan Luu (Net-A-Porter etc.), glitter clutch - Anya Hindmarch, dress - Oscar De L aRenta


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