Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tuesday Ten: My Favourite Youtuber's!

Whenever I come home from school, Youtube is probably the first thing I click on to, to see any updates from the people I subscribe to. I follow about 15 Youtuber's, all off which are beauty/fashion related. I love watching them on Youtube because I like to know the best beauty products, how to create certain looks etc.  So, let's cut to it! Here are 10 of the 15 amazing people I follow on Youtube (the best ones of course!)...

  1. Ghost Parties (makeup and skincare)
  2. Fleur De Force (makeup, skincare, hair care)
  3. Lauren Conrad (fashion and crafts)
  4. Macbarbie07/ Bethany Mota (makeup, shopping hauls and fashion)
  5. Michelle Phan (makeup, nails, skincare, DIY, fashion)
  6. Missglamorazzi (makeup, DIY, shopping hauls, hair care and skincare)
  7. Tanya Burr/ Pixi2woo (makeup tutorials, skincare, beauty essentials and shopping hauls)
  8. Wendy's Lookbook (fashion)
  9. Zoella (hair care and beauty routines and shopping hauls)
  10. Bride De Force/ Fleur (bridal makeup and fashion)
Who do you follow on Youtube? Leave me recommendations! Make sure you check out their channels and subscribe!


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