Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tuesday Ten: What To Pack For A Holiday Somewhere Cold

Guess what? I'm going on holiday next week! Next Friday, I leave to Zermatt, Switzerland for a skiing holiday/ vacation for a week (above picture is just from Google, but I'll be doing photo diaries everyday for you all!) I won't be skiing, but my sister and uncle will be, I'll just sledge and enjoy the lovely views! I'm so excited! Snowball fights, mountain views, bratwurst and hot chocolate, sledging, lovely company, all wrapped up warm and cosy! I've already decided what to pack. Going on a holiday somewhere cold too? Unsure what to pack? Here are 10 must-have items...
  1. One or Two Pairs of Boots - Warm and waterproof snow boots are best, not just any old waterproof boots. You may want a pair that's more casual also for when your travelling there, shopping etc.
  2. Thermal Layers - I have a thermal top and leggings, I got them from Marks and Spencer. Thermal layers seriously make a difference, I'm always much warmer when I wear them.
  3. Salopettes/ Waterproofs - For those of you who don't know what salopettes look like, these are them. They are water and windproof trousers and have several thick under layers for insulation. They are supposed to be worn over other layers like thermal leggings. Just 'waterproof' trousers are certainly not warm enough for if your contact with a lot of snow, but whatever you prefer. 
  4. 1 Pair of Jeans - You're most likely not going to be skiing or whatever all of the time so for when your in your hotel or looking round the town or travelling home, you'll for sure need a pair of jeans.
  5. Coats, Coats and More Coats - Whether you prefer wearing a body warmer, or thick woolly coat, two or three coats are essential. You may want two extra thick snow/ skiing coats and just one more 'fashion-y' coat.
  6. Scarves, Earmuffs, Gloves, Hats and Thick Socks - What winter holiday is complete without these essentials? Also, if it's going to be sunny there, you will need UV protection in your sunglasses.
  7. Polar/ Turtle Necks - Depending on how long your going for, you'll need about two or three polar necks, to keep your neck nice and warm.
  8. A Warm Jumper and Fleece - For added layers and warmth. You may just want the thick jumper but I have a fleece too.
  9. Two Dressy Tops - I'm taking long-sleeved blouses and shirts as in the evening we will be going to nice restaurants. Also, I want something nice to wear when I'm shopping round the town or in our apartment. This is your time to play with colour, print, your hair and makeup! Sometimes you can feel like you're never dressed up as during the day you're just layering and layering! 
  10. Woolly Tights - I always forget tights, and every holiday I find myself thinking 'No, I should've brought tights!'. Tights can be worn under your salopettes and jeans for added warmth. Or, if your daring enough to pack a dress, you can wear them then too. I recommend either buying 60 or above denier or a woolly pair instead.
Beauty-wise, make sure you pack an extra moisturising cream and wear minimal makeup. Also, don't fuss about your hair, just do it and go (this will be hard for me but I'll try!). Next Tuesday Ten will be 'What To Pack For A Holiday Somewhere Warm', so stay tuned!


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