Monday, 21 July 2014

Italy Day One.

Leaving England in a cover of drizzly clouds; we were all the more excited to arrive in Italy/ Switzerland in glorious sunshine (Locarno sits right on the border of both countries). But, for the meantime, we were enjoying our Club class brunch, a chicken salad.

After what seemed ages to arrive, it was early evening and after snooping around the hotel, we hit the hay the minute we got through our room door. But waking up to this sight was pretty gob-smacking...

And so we headed for a morning swim (in the ridiculously massive robes hotels always have).

We caught the funicular up to one of the oldest Catholic churches in Europe.

Before heading back down to the lake for some sunshine and ice cream. Italian ice cream (gelati) is the best thing I've ever eaten and let's just say I could quite happily live on it for the rest of my life (shh!).

Wearing a Zara skirt (fairly similar here), Topshop tee and sandals and yet another Zara bag (similar here).

Then to conclude our first day of Locarno; we sunbathed and relaxed by the pool. Next stop - day two!



  1. This looks so quaint and charming! Italy is definitely one of my favourite countries in Europe. <3

    1. It is a beautiful country - It was my first time but I hope to go again soon!

      Emma x


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