Monday, 28 July 2014

Italy Day Three.

This was probably my favourite day of the holiday; we took a little trip to Lake Como. We woke up early, opening the curtains to glorious sunshine and summer heat, and so we stumbled off to breakfast. After feasting on croissants, fruit and crispy bacon, we went to the train station. It was a very long journey as it's a whole different lake but it was well worth it. We stepped off the train and this was our first sight...

We were dying for some refreshments - and shade! So we had a little pit-stop in a nearby café. It was terribly hot in Como town, at points it all got a bit too humid and we dashed in and out of shady spots. But, as Brits who are used to rainy days and cloudy skies, we weren't complaining.

After wandering around the lake, soaking up both sunshine and bustly atmosphere; we headed to the Funicular to get a slightly different perspective on Lake Como.

The view was simply incredible. If you look closely, you can see Milan in the distance, above. There were cafés and restaurants up the mountain so we decided to have a coffee break and take in the stunning view. From every corner there was something to gaze at; be it snowy mountains in the far distance, Milan or a birds-eye view on Como Town. 

Before we knew it we were back on safe ground and we decided to be real tourists. We came across the world-famous Como Cathedral. It's beautiful architecture was simply rather breathtaking and it stood proudly in a small piazza.

Then, time for dinner back in Locarno - we had a true Italian dinner with pasta, pizza and ravioli on the cards. With stuffed tummies and belt-loops loosened, we headed to the hotel for hot chocolates and a snooze.


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