Sunday, 17 April 2011

Charmed Jewellery: PART 2: Novelty Adult Charms

Thomas Sabo's charms can help you to remember a certain event. If your due to have a baby there's charms like a 'baby stroller', 'baby shoes' or even the 'teddy bear'. Getting married? There are charms for you too! Like the 'Just Married Sign', the 'bridal shoe' or even the 'red heart'. There are charms for everybody! The reason why I called this post 'Novelty Charms' is because these charms have a meaning. Every time you look at your charm bracelet and you see the 'teddy bear' charm you may remember the first time you gave your baby a teddy bear! Here's a selection of the charms...

Bottle of Champagne
Mobile Phone
Red Kissing Lips
Baby In Carrier

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