Monday, 25 April 2011

A Romantic Getaway...

Maybe it’s all this talk of weddings but fashion’s getting all loved up and embracing all things light, airy and romantic.
For those of you whose sartorial choices lean towards the feminine then all the lace dresses, pale chiffon blouses and ruffled edges will be a breeze. But don’t feel you have to steer clear if your chosen look is tougher – just add a blush coloured blazer, a pair of floral jeans or lace-trimmed T-shirt to your usual get-up to tick the trend box.
However you want to work the look, start your shopping list with our round-up of the most stylishly romantic high-street and designer buys around.
Acne mini skirt, £210 at
Gala Curios frilled cuff, £192,at Kabiri
AVHASH by Anne Valerie hash tulle top, £186 at
Kapow!Wow! tulle ruffle neck piece, £75 at
Miss Selfridge ruffle lace vest, £25

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