Monday, 16 January 2012

Fashion Forecast: Golden Globe Trends!

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Pumped Plum:
Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Julianna Margulies, Tina Fey
Blue Bird:
Michelle Williams, Helen Mirren, Sofia Vergara, Jodie Foster
Nude Lace:
Jessica Alba, Sarah Hyland, Jessica Biel, Katharine McPhee
Citrus Notes:
Maria Menounos, Zooey Deshcnael, Mireille Enos, Natalie Portman
Hello everyone! Happy Monday, just want to briefly go over these trends that immediately caught my eye and were cropping up and awful lot! Plum, I was actually rather grateful towards the celebrities that wore such a daring shade of purple. It tends to make people appear bigger and/or wash skin tones away but how do celebrities shove that all away?! Blue is always a huge colour on the red carpet, it is such a classic colour.  To add a touch of Golden Globe glamour the celebs opted for intricate detailing, feathering and diamond accessories. From blue birds to lacey brides - nude lace was a big 'fashion yes' on the red carpet. Black adds a touch of romance to the outfit like from Sarah Hyland whereas pink clutches made the outfit more vintage but glam, as seen on Jessica Alba. Scallop detailing was also a big fashion yes on this trend. Last but not least, Citrus Notes, practically every mag you read will either be about surf luxe or citrus hues. I congratulate these daring celebs for choosing such daring shades. Citrus shades make skin look gleaming and luminous, plus its such a hot trend for Spring! Hope everyone has a good week! Bye.


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