Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Product Reviews:

Soap&Glory 'Some Like It Hot' Thermal Scrub
This is my most shocking product, when it said 'hot' and 'makes you feel toasty' I wasn't so sure but when I tried it in the shower I was very surprised! It gets so unbearably boiling, usually products like this fizzle out but this is long-lasting and has such a wonderful cranberry smell which is really delightful. Its a pink paste with micro black beads which heat up when in contact with water. It contains macadamia oil, vanilla seeds, aloe vera, white sand grains and thermal minerals. It leaves skin feeling like velvet! I really recommend this product.
Rating: ***** (5)

Bed Head Superstar Volumizing Leave-in Conditioner
Got this for Christmas and I can't keep my mittens off of it! The spray pumps up hair, conditions, detangles, adds volume and gives an extremely light hold. With my prone-to-dryness hair its great to suddenly have beautiful strawberry-scented, moisturized tresses. It had such a noticeable difference and I will continue to use this product. It comes in at quite a pricey amount (£10.15) like all Bed Head/Tigi products but they work great on my hair and all hair types! Its absolutely amazing, you should buy it! Their products last for months on end. Definitely an investment.
Rating: ***** (5)

Herbal Essences 'Tousle Me Softly' Intensive Mask
For naturally wavy hair (argh!) but since I had curly hair I thought there can't be much difference? Well, I'm actually right but I was quite disappointed in this product, whilst I was drying my hair I felt like it was going rather flat and crispy. So as its a weekly product I tend to moan and groan when I have to use it. It leaves the ends and roots feeling smooth-ish but not incredibly shiny or lively and its quite a dull product overall.
Rating: *** (3)


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