Monday, 11 June 2012

Celebrity Update: My Favourite Recent Looks...

Olivia Palermo, Jessica Alba
Julianne Hough, Leighton Meester
Another picture from Jessica Alba, Kate Bosworth
Hi everyone, hope you all had an amazing weekend and are ready for fresh, good week. I had a really important maths exam today, and well I done really bad, seriously bad and I'm kind of worried - but nothing stops me from doing a daily post :) I tried my best and that's all I can do I suppose?! Anyways, celebrities have really upped the fashion stakes lately I've noticed and I'm really loving their cool Summer styles. I have no idea though why the pictures are all really pixelated and blurry, I think that happened when I put the two photos next to each other (collaged them on Picmonkey!). But hey, I hoped you enjoyed a good celebrity fashion update. Celebrities especially Jessica Alba, Kate Bosworth and Olivia Palermo really inspire me. Have a fantastic week!


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