Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Ingredients For A Beautiful Summer Wardrobe...

  1. Beautiful Brights - Make like the style set and inject your wardrobe with bold rainbow hues. 
  2. Chasing the Sun - Orange, red and yellow are the colours of the season - they reflect the sun.
  3. Art Show -  From splatters of colourful paint blobs to abstract florals.
  4. The Hot Pant with Blazers - Create juxtaposition with a smart blazer and casual shorts.
  5. Summer Blues  -  A denim shirt is a girl's best friend in Summer - throw it on, tie it up, layer it etc.
  6. Military Attention! Embrace your inner tough girl with military styling and cool khaki colours.
  7. Aztec Style - Go back into ancient times with Greek/Aztec print.
  8. Neon Accessories - Elevate understated pieces with eye-catching neon accessories.
  9. Fierce Leather - Not just for the rock and the roll - inject sexy leather into your wardrobe.
  10. Sugar Rush -  In sorbet hues of violetice-blue and lemon - wear pastel trends like your having a sugar rush!
  11. Backpack - Essentially now the coolest way to carry all your things. Add studs for an extra cool vibe.

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