Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Tuesday Ten: Favourite People to Follow On Pinterest

I always talk about Pinterest and will continue to. For some people, drugs and smoking is their addiction, for me, it's Pinterest (and maybe Skittles but we'll leave that one out shall we?). Lately, I've came across some really good 'pinners' and wish to share them with you guys. I follow 184 people so it was hard to narrow it down to just 10 but if you have Pinterest let me know in the comments section! If you don't already have Pinterest, join! Below, are my favourite, new discoveries...
  1. 'Addy Rogers' - Her 'Models that inspire me board' is one of my favourites of hers. Her 'Home', 'Street Style', 'Beauty' and 'Home' are equally amazing.
  2. 'Rose H' - 'Mind Body Spirit', 'Hair' and 'Places Beyond Home' are great to flick through and are updated constantly.
  3. 'Laura Pelttari' - The Queen of all things interior design.
  4. 'Harpers Bazaar' - Like the magazine itself, the boards are incredible too. I personally love 'Street Style', 'Celebrity Style' and 'Beauty & Hair'.
  5. 'Rebecca Snape' - Name a celebrity and they'll be a whole board dedicated to them. Thank you Rebecca!
  6. 'Whitney Port' - Every board is incredible here, just like her.
  7. 'Hanna L' - Ditto.
  8. 'Caitlin Flemming' - 'Shops & Restaurants', 'Home', 'Words' and'Style' are all amazing boards of hers but my favourite is 'Escape'. 
  9. 'Andrianna' - The ultimate pinner for good fashion street style. 
  10. 'Ainsley Rogers' - I adore her 'Style Seeker', 'Take Me Away', 'Beach Living' and 'Getting to Paris' boards.

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  1. great post, I usto watch tania, she is amazing! :)


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