Friday, 8 November 2013

Winter Is Coming.

It officially feels like winter here in London, especially when every shop you walk in has Christmas decorations up; not forgetting the freezing-ly cold weather too. Personally, Winter is probably my least favourite season. Don't get me wrong though, because the lead up to Christmas and Christmas itself is my favourite time of year, it's January and February I hate! They're just too cold for my little body to handle and we all have the after-Christmas blues. But, Winter abroad is nice; the UK can't handle a sudden flurry of snow. Where would I like to be spending my winter holidays? Well, if you ask me, I like my winter's to be...winter's, so that means no exotic, tropical place. Switzerland, Canada, Paris or New York sound nice. It would be magical to see the northern lights in Alaska in the winter too. Well, in honour of my new board called Winter Is Coming on Pinterest, here are a few beautiful pictures to get you excited for the approaching season...

I am soon to be starting my Christmas series, let me know if you have any requests on post ideas! Thank you!!


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