Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My Top Tips for Getting Balayage

A few weeks later and I'm still over the moon with how amazing my hair looks and feels, thanks to the lovely team at Radio Salon in Shoreditch. Before I had my appointment, I made sure to conduct extensive research of what exactly I was paying mega bucks for, and of course, what colour would suit me best and whether balayage was suitable for my hair type. So, if you're also considering getting balayage, I'm here to share with you all not only top tips for the treatment, but also my experience.

Ombré vs balayage
Balayage is always associated with ombré and dip-dye but I personally believe it couldn't be more different from these two. Ombré/ dip-dye is when the hair goes from light to dark, meaning there is no shading - it's blocked but blended horizontal colour, essentially. Whereas balayage is what I like to think of a more natural effect of highlighting. Instead of starting from the roots, the lighter shade begins just slightly further down the roots and is focused towards the front and ends for a sunkissed look. However, I think both treatments are absolutely gorgeous, but if you're considering getting one I think it's essential to understand the difference.

Left: balayage, right: ombré

The right colour for you
I personally chose a dark honey/ caramel blonde as the shade for my balayage as I naturally have a dark, mousy brown so wanted something that would warm up my hair and look great for summer. I checked with my stylist if this colour would be suitable and she couldn't agree more that it would be perfect! So be sure to decide on a colour that you like and then definitely check with your stylist if she/he thinks it would work.

If you can't think of a colour, try just going for a couple of shades lighter than your natural hair tone.

Show ideas
Over a period of about a month, I made sure to collect a few images of balayage styles I loved to show them to my stylist (see them here). Pictures can definitely articulate what you want more possibly better than you can describe. Show them to your stylist beforehand and say what you love about them or perhaps what you would like done differently.

And there you have it! The great thing about balayage is that it never really fades until you get your hair cut! I absolutely loved getting my hair done and oh how I would literally love to have it done everyday! You can read all about my experience at Radio Salon here.

Are you considering balayage?

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