Tuesday, 26 April 2016

What's My Dream Career?

I've always wondered what my ultimate career goal is, and when thinking about it the other day, I suddenly realised. As a teenager, I have always felt there is a huge gap in the market for magazines targeted towards my age, for those interested in sophisticated fashion and a career in the fashion industry, rather than who Harry Styles or Gigi Hadid is dating.

I've never really discovered a magazine that truly inspires or engages me, and perhaps that is why I prefer social media and blogs for inspiration and interesting reading material. However, I am an avid reader of Porter magazine - I love how it encourages women from all ethnicities to be strong, independent and career-driven. But of course, although I continue to purchase this magazine season after season, I'm on the hunt for a teen Porter.

That's when it hit me. I would love to produce my own magazine (with an amazing team of course) aimed at teens who aren't just interested in celebrities, the latest trends and Hollister. These teens are interested in being the next inspiring entrepreneur. They're interested in sophistication, whilst remaining young at heart with a wild spirit. They're focused on being themselves and standing out from the crowd. They love fashion and desire to study it at a higher level and strive for a career in the industry.

It would be a magazine filled with random inspiration, littered with creativity and thought-provoking photography. It would also include interviews with leading female professionals, primarily in the fashion and beauty field.

And probably most importantly, and similarly to Porter, the magazine would aid in female empowerment! Often fashion magazines primarily focus on just 'fashion', meaning that people think that is all women are interested in, which just isn't the case. It's important we encourage and inspire a new generation of young girls to be strong individuals who have an awareness for more than just fashion, even if it is what they're most interested in and passionate about.

I would love to see a magazine created like this before I have the opportunity to produce it myself, but for the meantime...a girl can dream!

A bit of a random post today, but something I just wanted to share!

What's your career goal? Or more importantly, have you achieved it already?

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