Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Smoothie Bowls at Covent Garden Grind

My sister and I have been dying to try out Covent Garden Grind ever since it opened its doors a couple of months ago. The Grind chain, which has only been around since 2011, are increasingly popping up all over London, and while I may of only tried a few out of the six, I am rather happy to say that I'm quite a big fan. With an exotic array of smoothie bowls, juices and coffees on offer, we were sure in our element at the Covent Garden edition.

In very Instagram-worthy surroundings, CGG is the perfect place for everything from work meetings (nearly every table was a work meeting when we went!) or catching up with friends over some deliciously healthy food.

Jess and I both ordered the smoothie bowls - I got the 'Red' bowl which consisted of raspberries, coconut shavings, and flax and chia seeds! It was, as you can imagine, pure dang heaven. My sister got the 'Orange' version which was comprised of coconut shavings, papaya, orange, carrot and pumpkin and chia seeds - perhaps sounding a little bit of a strange mix but it worked together so beautifully and was packed full of flavour.

After having something so healthy, you have to finish off with something a little bit naughty, am I right? So, we opted for the *deep breath* pistachio cronut. I repeat...pistachio cronut!

The goodness didn't only exist within the food however - the young and trendy team of staff were lovely too. They bought our food over, came over several times to ask how it was and generally gave us the best service.

Me: "Jess, act natural!"

I opted for a casual cool look for our outing, choosing to brighten up the outfit with a punchy orange bag, which also provided a sophisticated edge. In this transitional phase during seasonal changes where the weather can be chilly and rainy, and then a few a minutes later warm and sunny, I kept things cosy by wearing an army-green chunky knit with a denim jacket and high-waisted black jeans. However, I added sublte nods to spring through accessories and finishing touches such as the metallic pumps, beachy-style hair, orange bag and the jacket cuffs turned up.

Top, jacket, jeans and shoes - all Topshop, bag - Warehouse
So, if you're looking for somewhere cool, chilled and tumlr-esque to try in London - then look no further than here. Don't be shy to pop in to some of their other chains too - the London Grind looks absolutely fantastic and is on a more larger scale than its counterparts, with a full blown restaurant menu and cocktail bar. But for excellent coffee, delicious healthy food, a hella good music playlist and brilliant service, Covent Garden is your place.

Have you been to Covent Garden Grind yet?

*This post is NOT sponsored by Grind & Co.


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