Thursday, 8 December 2016

A Hampstead Brunch

It's December - woo!

I had made it my mission this year to see more of London, and I don't doubt once the new year rings in that this shall continue. Sarah (a.k.a my main fellow London explorer apart from my sister Jess), and I often stick to the usual Soho, Covent Garden and other central areas, but this time we wanted to broaden our horizons (such daredevils). I had read so much about Hampstead, and seen it endlessly crop up on my Instagram feed, and so we embarked there for a few hours, devouring a beautiful brunch along the way.

We made a beeline for a trusty French favourite of ours, Le Pain Quotidian, although there are plenty of lovely cafes such as Ginger & White and a vast array of pubs on offer. It was busy with laughing locals, mingling mummies and elderly couples all there for the same thing as us: good food.

After sipping on my first mulled wine of the festive season (which so happened to be one the best drinks I've ever tasted), I ate the Mustard and Cheddar Scone with scrambled egg, prosciutto and tomato. For Sarah, it was the Frittata with salad.

It was so delicious and the perfect warming dish for a freezing, crisp autumnal day.

After much giggling, we soon decided our meal was not quite complete without a sweet finish. The Cocoa and Pear Cake just about satisfied our needs...

Feeling a little heavier than before, we made our way back into the icy temperatures to explore.

Saying hello to a few shy locals along the way...

I was surprised at the abundance of florists in Hampstead; every corner there seemed to be another. Each was teeming with festive spirit and colour.

And soon it was time to bid farewell (the thought of snuggling up indoors by the fire, hot chocolate in hand with Home Alone on TV was a Christmas cliché I was not willing to miss...but hey it's December...I am excused!).

Where's your favourite part of London?

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