Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Lunch at Cervo, Zermatt

Cervo in Zermatt, Switzerland, is quite like no other.

A boutique mountain resort perched just above the town, overlooking the Matterhorn. This hotel is the stuff of dreams and the perfect package for families, couples and adventurers alike. Though we always stay in our home-from-home of Parkhotel Beau Site, we always make sure to pop by to Cervo for lunch. Unsurprisingly, this year was no different.

But unfortunately, our annual vacation to Zermatt was a little interrupted this year.

My Nan became unwell with the flu on our first day, continuing throughout the holiday. We eventually had to re-book our flight and extend our trip to a few more days so she was well enough to travel home.

In an odd sort of way, I was marvellously happy about the thought of a few extra days in adventure paradise, though I would've preferred less and my Nan had been well. Nonetheless, we made the best of a bad situation.

Starting with lunch at Cervo.

We worked up an appetite by hunting down what was new in town. Typically Swiss, there was a few new watch shop inhabitants.

Another favourite hotel of ours in Zermatt, the Mont Cervin.

The town preparing for Swiss National Day.

While we had planned to snack on the delights at Cervo, we couldn't possibly pass on the Zermatterhof Hotel's new terrace, complete with the most dazzling of white umbrellas known to man.

We found a little cosy spot and nestled ourselves into the white.

We mainly had drinks, but couldn't resist the sound of the food menu.

Veal sausage and French bread for me, a shared Apple Strudel for the rest.

(Note: I do not share food, it's too good) 😉

A haze of tiredness washed over us. As we almost plummeted into naps, we realised we should head up to Cervo for lunch before dusk arrives.

The hotel is divided into these beautiful little rooms and chalets (with the interior in the most authentic Alpine style you can imagine).

We headed up to the terrace in search of shade, but really it was the smell of cheese that took us there.

Here, you'll find some of the best iced drinks in town. I sipped on the iced lemonade while the others opted for a caffeine fix with iced lattes.

And at last, WE HAVE THE FRIES. Honestly, the best in the world.

Pommes frites drizzled in fresh Parmesan and truffle.

Cheesy bites with an apricot sauce.


The sun soon disappeared behind the mountains and dinner time approached. We dazzled ourselves up in our best garments before heading to our hotel restaurant. Yes, more FOOD!

Jess and I were marvellously matching in monochrome apparel. 

These white jeans have been my most-loved summer item. I snapped them up in H&M for a mere £8.99 (though weirdly, they're no longer this price!) and have took them with me all over the world this summer. They fit beautifully, even though white jeans tend to not be too flattering, and have stayed the pristine white condition I bought them in.

Buy them here!

I'm also wearing these nude espadrilles from Office which have also been my travel companions this summer. Super comfy and leg-lengthening - hello dream shoes! You can shop the rest of my look below.

Switzerland, you have my heart. And my stomach.

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