Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Sundays in Zermatt

Sundays in Zermatt are a relaxed affair. 

The town comes alive and oozes with atmosphere on Friday and Saturday nights but come Sunday, everything is a little snoozy. 

Quiet it may be, but the clear blue sky was present and calling us to get up high into the mountains.

We caught the train up to Riffelap - another favourite hamlet of ours and probably the most glamourous of all.

It plays host to one of the leading hotels of the world, Riffelalp Resort, and has a rather unrivalled view of the Matterhorn.

We popped by to the café for cakes, nibbles and coffee before setting off to explore the surroundings,

We had a little snoop at the reception of the hotel in all its alpine-chic glamour and then took the path down towards Zermatt.

Trees line the pathway down and soon enough, we could see the little brown roofs of the chalets of Zermatt town.

The evening approached and we were eager for yet another delicious meal at our hotel.

But as with every long day of hiking, the mere thought of a fluffy marshmallow of a bed was too tempting. We called it an early night in order to be fresh as Swiss daisies in the morning.


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