Friday, 1 September 2017

Into the Wilderness, Zermatt

There is not one hike in Zermatt that isn't worth walking. The crisp mountain air, the sound of the crickets buzzing in the midst of the alpine flora and the awe-inspiring views can be experienced from any angle. 

But if you want the real thrill of adventure, then fly on the cable car up to Shwarzee.

Up here, the view of everything is second to none.

The glaciers, Zermatt town, lakes, mountain sheep and the Matterhorn up close are all in sight.

On the edge of the cliff face, we tip toed down the mountain, incredibly excited at the view.

It's a pretty tough walk down from Shwarzee to Zermatt, but one that is ultimately fulfilling and rewarding with the views.

The thought of yet more Swiss chocolate and cheese kept us going, naturally.

Back home, we dressed up for our last evening, all a little sad and glum at the mere thought of leaving Paradise behind.

Wearing one of my favourite looks for summer. White jeans are a new wardrobe essential for me as I often found them somewhat 'tacky' and feared I would stain them instantly. But upon finding a pair that fitted beautifully (for an equally beautiful price courtesy of H&M) and seeing a few too many photos on instagram of people wearing them, I had to give in. And so far no stains!

Et voila! A week later I found myself in Amsterdam for three days of fun...coming soon laydees.

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