Thursday, 7 September 2017

Pancakes and Bali Bowls, Amsterdam

It is a truth universally acknowledged that it will rain in Amsterdam during some point of your visit. 

Be it a day long downpour or a passing shower, however, you'll still find yourself relishing in all of that the city has to offer.

We found ourselves relishing in breakfast.

Pluk is every girl's (and Instagrammer's) paradise. Bright interior, weathered wood and plenty of botanical friends make it very camera-friendly. Created as both a coffee shop and homeware store, this is somewhere to while away a few hours of your morning or late afternoon.

It's an & Other Stories or Urban Outfitters of sorts.

The menu is rich in healthy options from drinks to brunch to snacks.

It's relatively small inside but whilst we were there, many people were to-and-fro so there was always a seat available.

We popped downstairs to order and waited in anticipation, chatting about our day's plans ahead.

Pancakes with maple syrup and fresh fruit for Alice.

The Sunny Summer Bowl pour moi, consisting of a mix of banana, pineapple and mango topped with granola, chia seeds, banana, passionfruit and a mix of seeds.

Satisfying and decadent in the most healthy way possible.

Back downstairs, we picked up some interior goodies for our London abodes.

I also picked up a couple of bracelets which I've been wearing non-stop since back in the UK. 

We walked towards the centre of Amsterdam in search for our canal boat tour.

Unfortunately it was absolutely pouring with rain by this point, so our semi-open boat tour was not the best experience.

Nevertheless, the optimists we are, we continued to enjoy it. The audio tour was fantastic and revealed so many interesting facts and history about the city.

One of my favourite facts is that, if you notice, on each of the buildings the windows at the bottom are longer than the ones at the top. This is to give the illusion of a bigger, taller house, giving the impression of a richer family living inside.

The famous Dancing Sisters.

And the famous canal point in which you can see seven consecutive canals in one view. This is called something specific but sadly I cannot remember!

Post-canal tour and with the rain easing off, we wandered the streets of Jordaan for a final time in hope of finding a restaurant for lunch.

We did find somewhere, however I didn't take any photos and sadly Google Maps won't help me either. Bad blogger...I know!

Either way, I must talk a little about this new plaid blazer courtesy of New Look.

It's oversized, boxy and adds the perfect androgynous finish to any look. I kept things bright and Scandi-style with white jeans, pink satin trainers and a simple grey tee. Alternatives below.

Also sporting my new favourite bracelet I bought earlier in Pluk (we went back later in the afternoon where I picked up another).

And my classic, brown-leather DW watch. Timeless, elegant and a little aged.

The heavens opened once more and so we quickly escaped into a museum.

Amsterdam has the most museums in one city in the world - so there's plenty to do when the rain kicks in. Oh the Dutch, they're so prepared.

We flocked to the Moco museum to see the Banksy and Salvador Dali exhibition, two of my favourite artists.

The museum, set in an early 20th century townhouse, is art in itself with beautiful detailing on the walls everywhere.

But our eyes couldn't quite peel away from the thought-provoking works of Banksy and Dali. My mind was particularly glued to Banksy. I may not always agree with his views or messages in his art, but he sure knows how to make you question society and systems. It's intriguing and beguiling to say the least.

And for a mere 10 euros a ticket, it's worth it's weight in gold!

Tot gauv Amsterdam! That's 'see you soon', to me and you.

Thank you for being good to us Holland. You're a total babe and we both promise to be back!

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