Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Morty and Bob's, London Fields

The east end of town always favours quirky, off-the-beaten path spaces. Nothing is glamourous, too clean or pretty, in fact it can often be a little grimy. But that's part of the charm of the newly-gentrified areas of Hackney, Dalston and London Fields. They're flooded with young businessmen and creatives, and its bohemian inhabitants are what shepherd in a wave of beatnik cafés, restaurants and creative spaces. So I guess you could say this is where all the "cool stuff" is. 

On a sunny but slow Sunday afternoon, my friend Sarah and I headed to Morty and Bob's upon the news that Palm Vaults was closed for the week (we've been trying to go for ages!). But if we knew just how good this place was, we would have headed here first. A spot like this should never settle for second best.


Once a no-go area, Hackney is now a thriving gentrified zone home to young families, bohemian entrepreneurs and artists alike. 

With a focus on honest comfort food, Morty and Bob's is a great little gem tucked away inside east London's famous Netil House. Long before their bricks and mortar opened in 2015, it was originally a street food stall specialising in grilled cheese sandwiches. They expanded their menu, adding in breakfast and lunch classics with unique flair such as three grain porridge with toasted almonds, wild mushrooms on toast with ricotta and fried egg and fresh salads prepared daily.

All of their coffee is Allpress roasted, making a hot brew not only deliciously high-quality but the perfect companion to a wholesome brunch with friends or a work-coffee session for one. It's a little more expensive than usual (a small iced latte will set you back £2.70), but it's high quality, full of flavour and not over-roasted like many of the high-street café varieties. 

I'm a self-proclaimed cheese lover and so I dived head first into their notoriously indulgent grilled cheese sandwich.

And having tried many a cheese toastie in my time, I can quite honestly say this is the best I've tried. Oozing in flavour, marvellously stringy and mixed with onions, the cheese melted in the mouth instantly, while the crispy bread added a contrasting crunch.

I find most melted cheeses to be rather rubbery, but you certainly won't find that here. This is the king of all grilled cheese sandwiches.

Wear this there:

Always one to make me appear the indulgent, calorie-loving devil I am (to be fair, it's no secret), Sarah ordered the avo-toast with poached egg. Perfectly smashed avocado, soft and runny poached eggs, and a great size for the price.

It was pretty smashing.

...(frown all you want at my lame puns).

Dark, warm, inviting, homely, cosy, rustic, charming and fun are just a few ways to describe the interiors at Morty and Bob's. It's an environment fit for any occasion, be it a place to work on your laptop by day or laugh over a glass of wine with friends come evening (there's a disco ball hanging from the ceiling and retro Motown tunes in the background to get you in the mood).

The space is infiltrated with natural light and botanicals, exposed brick and not one chair the same.

Just be sure to wear vintage Levis. Everyone was wearing them.

Morty and Bob's is located at Netil House, 1 Westgate St. London Fields E8 3RL, and open from 9am-5pm weekdays, 10am-5pm weekends.

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