Thursday, 10 August 2017

Surf House, Barcelona

My favourite day of every trip is always the beach day.

We strip off into barely-there bikinis, bathe in the tropical sunlight and listen to the sound of waves echoing in the distance.

But all beach days begin with a good breakfast feast.

While we had a rather disappointing lunch the previous day here at Brunch and Cake By The Sea, we were determined that this place would serve us up an improved breakfast. Lunch was so bad that anything was up from here....

Et voila! The matcha pancakes were delcious, served warm and fluffy with bananas, chocolate 'nice' cream, granola  and fruits.

All washed down with the Tropical Juice.

Be warned with the menu - things don't tend to be what the wording makes out! It's certainly not my favourite spot in Barcelona as it tends to favour style and food trends over substance, but I've tried two breakfast's here and both were pretty yummy.

Now, enough of the moaning!

To the beach!

We found a little quiet patch along the incredibly busy beach and made it our own, stepping into the warm sea every now and then to cool down.

But it wasn't long before we thought more food just had to be consumed.

Perched conveniently on the beach front, Surf House is your go-to place for a darn good meal.

A Californian-inspired beach shack, Surf House offers a variety of food and drinks, from the extremely healthy to the somewhat unhealthy, with vegan and vegetarian options thrown in too. It's a casual, cool and urban place that all the cool surfer chicks flock too, so expect to queue for a short while.

Vegetarian tacos and a coconut for Sarah.

A beefburger with bacon, fried egg, fries and lettuce with a lime juice for me. I tend to be the more indulgent one clearly....

Keeping things bohemian in a crochet cami, denim cut-offs and a straw bag all from Zara. Unfortunately, as a result of fast fashion, none of the items are available anymore but I've listed some alternatives below.

By the time we left Surf House, it was a few hours from dusk. We rushed back to our base, scrubbed off the seasalt and dashed out for tapas at La Bodegueta Provenca, finishing the evening with cocktails at the rooftop bar of Hotel Pullitzer.

One last Barcelona blog post to go, and then I'll be writing my Zermatt posts! 

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