Wednesday, 17 October 2012

How To: 'Twist It' Bun/Updo

Isn't this look stunning? Every time I wear it out I get so many compliments, particularly as it has never really been done before. This look is sort of boho-esque but it's perfect for weddings or special events. All you need is a elasticated headband (that's it!). So, here are the instructions...

  1. Brush your hair neatly, add some texturizing spray for if your hair is too smooth to give the look more hold. 
  2. Place the headband forward (basically on your forehead) and push it down so your ears pop out.
  3. On the left side (or the right, your choice) take a 2" section and tuck it onto the bottom of the headband.
  4. Continue with step 3. Stop until you have done 2/3 twists.
  5. Next, alternate to the other side and again, tuck in!
  6. Once you have both of your sides completed you'll be left with a thick section at the back. Take the WHOLE of that section and tuck it in to the headband again. If any bits pop out, tuck them in! Tuck, tuck and twist!
  7. Pull the headband forward onto the front part of head so the hair is seen. Voila!

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