Friday, 12 October 2012

Watch Tanya Burr Do Millie Mackintosh's Makeup!

So by now, if you read my blog regularly, you should know my obsession for Tanya Burr. She is a professional makeup artist who makes amazing makeup tutorials on Youtube and she also does vlogs and hauls. This girl is seriously amazing. She met the beautiful Millie Mackintosh, from Made In Chelsea (I love that show, I can't wait until it starts again on Monday!)  in makeup college and they've stayed really good friends ever since. Here (above) Tanya does Millie's makeup, check it out!

The looks are both for special night outs, parties, Christmas etc. They're very dramatic, pretty and easy to do. They are so gorgeous for Autumn, really warm, neutral colours. I'm sure I'll be re-creating one soon! Both videos feature Millie's new false eyelash range. Make sure you subscribe to their channels!

Which look was your favourite? I can't decide - I love them both soooo much! Let me know your favourite in the comments box below!


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